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I Buy, Sell, Merge and Invest in SME's.

Leighton Herdson


About me.

My name is Leighton Herdson and I am an active business investor currently based in the UK. I’m looking for opportunities in the marketing sector as well as the property services space. I’m open to conversations with businesses in other sectors also, always happy to have a chat. I won’t waste your time with an inflated ego, buckets of jargon or uncertainty – I’m straight talking and like to find solutions that are win:win for all parties.

My latest transactions have been focused on 100% acquisition helping owner operators that were actively seeking a way to exit the business. Equally, I’m interested in a non-executive role helping to increase shareholder value by increasing EBIT and cash. Whether it be as part of a group roll up to IPO or on a non-exec private investor basis, everything starts on a “nothing ventured, nothing gained basis”. 



What I do?

I have a growing portfolio in architecture and interior design businesses following my acquisition of Cambridgeshire based commercial interior design company RSL Associates Ltd, a 30+ year old company with a great team, long standing clients in the new home builders space. Our focus with RSL Associates Ltd is to continue to grow the business by acquisition.

Ross Levenson Harris Ltd (RLH) were the first acquisition by 5by3 Ltd, a marketing group founded by Garry Adamson and I in 2019. RLH have  a 40+ year history with an ambitious, driven team that go above and beyond. The goal of 5by3 is to build a full service marketing group with a focus on IPO to grow the group further.

Next Level

  • Direct Listing or
  • RTO (Reverse Takeover).


  • Group Build


  • Strategic Direction
  • Accelerated Growth


  • Increasing Profitability
  • Improving Cashflow

X1C Group




I’m currently focused on the following projects with a view to growing the group through IPO.


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