Who I am & what I do

Leighton Herdson

Facebook Advertising & Direct Response Marketer

I help businesses rapidly scale revenue by getting more clients / customers using Facebook Advertising and I’m the guy behind some of the leading campaigns and highest ROI’s in the UK.

I do this better than anyone else in the UK because of one thing, I understand “Contextual Congruence” – my proven process is based on the blend of direct response marketing and a keen understanding of social behaviour.

Leighton Herdson - Facebook Ads


Who I help

We specialise in working with high growth companies including thought-leaders, influencers and professional service providers.

Our expertise is behind the psychology of running high yielding Facebook Advertising Campaigns, whether that is through our Done For You, fully managed client work, my 1:1 consulting program, the AIM intensive training events or through speaking engagements.

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How Can I Help You?

Whether you are looking for an agency to run all of your marketing efforts for you, or you are looking to maximise your next product launch with multiple 7-figure revenue numbers, receive the most results-based consulting to maximise your return, or learn how to do it yourself, we have you covered.


Don't take my word for it

Robert C Brown of The Push

Robert C Brown

Founder of The Push and RobertCBrown.online
Having spent some time working with Leighton on a Facebook strategy I can honestly say that Leighton’s depth of knowledge on Facebook and the other marketing platforms that we discussed is second to none. I made more progress in a short time with Leighton than I have ever done before and more than that, he is a thoroughly nice chap who is a pleasure to deal with
Marine Conservation Society

Erin O'Neill

Editor – Marine Conservation Society
I had a phone call with Leighton today, he was very informative and gave some great advice on paid media and digital comms strategy. He has a lot of knowledge and I would recommend him to anyone looking to optimise their efforts in this area.
Rebecca Wincott

Rebecca Wincott

Co-Founder – Eric & Alberts Crafts
Leighton’s knowledge of digital marketing, specifically Facebook Ads is tremendous. His ability to look at our entire process and immediately see so many opportunities is unique. And he delivers results. His intensive really helped us to get an idea of what we need to do and how, and he helped us in the room to get the ball rolling. Worth every penny.


Work With Me

It pays to be the best. It pays more to work with the best.

My work has been responsible for generating new leads and millions of pounds in new revenue. I am responsible for having some of the highest ROI’s in the industry…I focus on the strategies and of time tested, successful marketing and avoid gimmicks and short term tactics and surface level marketing that you read about on blog posts.

I have one commitment to you – And that is results. But not results at any cost. Results in a way that provides goodwill and value to your market place. Results that are congruent to your values and your way of doing business.

Private Clients With Leighton Herdson

Limited space (10 Clients Max)

2-Day Implementation Intensives

AIM Lead Generation (Accelerated Influencer Method)


Private consulting with Leighton Herdson to act as a marketing advisor to your business and work with you and your team for ongoing results.


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