Ahrefs, if you don’t know yet, is a fantastic tool for growing your organic search traffic. But it isn’t just for SEO pro’s. Anyone with a website can learn a great deal from the tool and with that data you can build major improvements across your website…AND across your Google Ad campaigns.

What does it do

In a nutshell you can research your competitors and monitor your niche. But there’s so much more to it than that.

Ahrefs will help you learn why your competitors rank so high and what you need to do to outrank them by looking at their content, their keywords and most importantly in SEO terms, you can see their backlink profile.

Organic Search Report

You can analyse your competitors’ search traffic by sticking the URL in the search bar and pulling up all the data you’d ever need. In our experience at Digital Bang, the data isn’t always accurate, like say Google Analytics would be. But it gives you a benchmark to work from.

Keywords Explorer

You can get thousands of keyword ideas to build content and pages around as well as getting an insight into keyword difficulty.

Backlink data

Ahrefs is the industry standard for checking backlinks. You can get a real time insight into who is doing what and therefore get ideas for where to acquire links.

Content Explorer

This tool allows you to look at what content is working in the industry and inform your content marketing strategy.

Rank Tracker

Get accurate location-specific ranking reports to see how well your improvements are taking in Google’s Search Engine results. If you use these tools correctly you’ll watch your position climb higher and higher up the SERPs.


Keep an eye out for industry alerts and get content ideas before the competition does.

As I alluded to earlier, you can also research competitors Google Ads campaigns too. This is a great way to see what keywords are driving paid traffic, how much a click is costing and you can save time by going straight for the money keywords. A much better way to run Ads.

Why you should use it

You should use it if you want to monitor your search traffic, your positions and any paid traffic in Google Ads. You’ll get real data on what is working and what isn’t and be able to increase your search volume dramatically. Remember a big selling point of Ahrefs is not only that you can track YOUR data but you can see what others are doing so you know who’s getting it right and who’s getting it wrong and take advantage.