Are Google Ads Dead?

There’s a lot of talk currently and rightly so, about Facebook Ads. How they are the number one place to be for advertisers right now. And look, I love Facebook Ads, it’s a fantastic platform, it’s intuitive and the ROI is great. But what about Google Ads? There’s a lot of negativity about Google Ads, […]

Ahrefs – Understanding Your Website

Ahrefs, if you don’t know yet, is a fantastic tool for growing your organic search traffic. But it isn’t just for SEO pro’s. Anyone with a website can learn a great deal from the tool and with that data you can build major improvements across your website…AND across your Google Ad campaigns. What does it […]

The Seven SEO Elements for 2019

Want to increase your organic search visibility across your site? Of course you do…who doesn’t want more traffic. Here are the most important SEO elements for successful SEO according to Search Engine Land with my thoughts underneath Publish High-Quality Content User intent (read my latest article on Google Search Console for more on how to […]

SEO Versus Social Media

Getting people to know about your business is no easy task. In fact it never has been. With the ever growing number of available marketing channels it’s harder now than any other time in history. All is not lost, however. Choosing the right channel from the start With the overwhelming choice of options, deciding where […]

4 Tips To Better Facebook Ad Campaigns

For a lot of small businesses a Facebook Ad campaign tends to be an afterthought. These campaigns are just chucked together and put into the world with little or no real thought or strategy. I get it, time is precious, sales/enquiries are needed and the buzz around Facebook Ads (or Google Ads, or even SEO […]

Getting SEO Right

There is more to SEO than simply writing a blog. Just creating a blog post isn’t as easy as it once was and is unlikely to yield real results. The expectation for higher quality content is more important than ever before. The competition for attention has increased year on year. The sheer level of noise […]

A Facebook Ads Strategy For 2019

Increase your audience, Get more clients…& build trust. When it comes to growing a business in the service based professions it’s extremely difficult, especially when you are starting from ground zero.If you have a bit of leverage then you can get started a bit easier but if you don’t, it’s really hard. So todays post […]

What Is Google Tag Manager

A lot of people seem to ignore Google Tag Manager but for me, it’s one of my all time favourite tools. I use Google Tag Manager, or GTM for short, with all clients. It makes life so much easier and allows you to really get the most from your Ad campaigns. What Is Google Tag […]