Difference Between SEO and Social Media


When it comes to creating a brand, whether you’re selling a service or products, you need to consider all the online mediums, not just the design of your website. One word you will hear a lot when it comes to your website is SEO or Search Engine Optimisation. In a simple way, all this means is how well search engines, such as Bing or Google, find your website and present it to online users and understanding the Difference Between SEO and Social Media is key to your success.

Perfecting on page SEO

Good SEO will implement a variety of techniques from On Page SEO to Keywords and more. When the SEO is working hard, you might have your page come up on the first or second page of Google when you type in certain phrases. The benefit of this, is of course finding new customers and the nearer the top you are, the more likely you are to get visitors. When was the last time you looked at page 4 or 5 of Google?

SEO is a complex theory to take on board, and what makes it one of the harder techniques for business owners to implement on their own, is the fact that it is always changing. SEO understanding is not something you can simply learn and continue to use for years to come, because as the search engines themselves are developed and updated, you too must move with them.

Another difficult part of SEO is having the tools/access required. Making a website with limited to no knowledge is becoming easier and easier. Sites like Wix and WordPress boast a user friendly interface and simplistic editing tools which has opened up the industry’s business owners to a much easier online world.

Setting up SEO correctly from the start

Whilst the webpages themselves are easier than ever to set up, the SEO is not. Knowing how to access HTML and edit it, is a complete alien world. By setting up your own website, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. If you don’t set up good SEO from the start, it will make it harder for an SEO expert to fix your mistakes, and it may also be too late. Our best advice, is to do your research first and implement SEO as you go, or have someone work with you as you develop your site to make sure you aren’t making lethal mistakes before you even give your business a chance.

In attempts to trick search engines, some people offer outdated SEO techniques, which may or may not work. A good SEO implementation technique will not affect your webpage negatively. Some of these ‘black hat’ techniques consist of high repetition keyword implementation. Have you ever been on a webpage and you see the same words being used over and over again.

Good SEO can still look and feel natural, don’t sell yourself short on these old fashioned techniques. Not only do they look bad, but with search engines becoming more and more intelligent, they’re beginning to be able to pick up on outdated and poor techniques that are trying to cheat the system and refuse to rank them!

Social Media and building influence

So with a basic understanding of SEO in place, let’s look at Social Media. It’s one of today’s most important tools for setting up a business. From typical well known platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there’s also younger platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Many companies are beginning with just a social media page. As an exercise, think to yourself, how many products have you seen first on social media? Even if you didn’t buy it on a social platform, maybe you saw a website/name and searched for it later? Or maybe you saw a product you like and found yourself thinking about it more or looked around for it?

Growing brand awareness is a positive ROI

That’s what we would call basic “brand awareness.” Through the use of ads on socials, business owners can select demographics to make sure certain genders/ages/locations see their adverts and they only have to pay when someone fulfils the set requirements. It’s become the cheapest form of advertising, easy to do from home. All it requires is a good quality photograph, a knowledge of your target audience and a laptop. There is no need for huge billboards or printing, graphic designers, big meetings or teams.

Social media isn’t just for start-ups. Long standing companies need to move with the times too. Even in industries where socials are not widely utilised, such as Construction or Logistics, it is always beneficial for companies to have an online presence, even if it just to set themselves up as industry leaders. It will help their business grow whilst those that stay in the past will see their growth begin to slow.

Here, we will look at an example:

Bloom & Wild are an online, luxury, flower retailer. They were initially set up as a walk in store in London but have since become an online sensation. By breaking into the industry of subscription boxes before any other flower retailer, Bloom & Wild entered the online scene as the underdogs. But with an idea that made them stand out from the rest and an exceptional online presence, it grew quickly and caught up with competitors like Flying Flowers and Interflora. Bloom & Wild now has 137k followers on Facebook, meanwhile Interflora who has been on the scene much longer and was one of the first online flower retailers, has only 65k followers on Facebook. Whilst Flying Flowers has roughly 30k.


These two elements, SEO and Social Media may sound like two very different parts of building a brand, one is technical and complex whilst the other is creative and fun. However, they do have similarities and many of the techniques overlap, but more importantly, both are required to have a successful business and to ensure your brand awareness grows and grows. Great SEO and an inspired social media approach is the difference between a failed start up and a global phenomenon, don’t risk missing out by skipping two of these widely overlooked but totally integral techniques.

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