Increase your audience, Get more clients…& build trust.
When it comes to growing a business in the service based professions it’s extremely difficult, especially when you are starting from ground zero.If you have a bit of leverage then you can get started a bit easier but if you don’t, it’s really hard.

So todays post is there to help anyone trying to build their brand and reach new potential customers or clients utilising Facebook Ads…The Accelerated Influencer Method (AIM) is my Facebook Ads strategy that I use to help service based businesses of all sizes to gain exposure and reach their desired marketplace with Facebook Ads.

This method works on one binding principle, which basically means…you’ve gotta HELP PEOPLE, and use Facebook Ads to actually deliver results, education, information…something useful, right?!

The thing is, there are so many platforms and ways to reach people that it’s notoriously hard to even be seen, and is getting harder with each and every day that passes by.

As a digital marketer of 7 years, with multiple clients in different sectors and a growing team we’re always looking for a better way. Around a year ago Facebook changed their organic reach algorithm and it’s near impossible to actually get engagement with your posts and around the same time Facebook rolled out a host of new video based features.

Tools like Facebook Watch, Video View Ad objectives and of course the constant improvement of tools like Facebook Live.

Too many people are trying to fight against the platforms and find hacks and workarounds but the truth is that video is working whether it’s here on LinkedIn or over there on Facebook or Instagram.

This is where AIM comes in to play…here’s what it is and here’s how it works.

You see Facebook realised something, they were losing ground and they wanted to stay relevant with platforms like YouTube.

Their baby sister (Instagram) was getting all the love and one of the big things with instagram is of course, video content. Facebook were also dealing with a schoolyard bully (aka YouTube). These guys were totally stealing the show – they’re the 2nd largest search-engine on the planet. Good reason for Facebook to be worried.

Meanwhile, poor old Facebook was becoming misused by too many bad ads and crap photos of cats. Pages that were low quality content, groups full of spam and so the algorithm change happened to protect users and improve content.

This is what they did:

They wanted to get into the Video space. In fact, they wanted to take over so over the past couple of years you’ve likely noticed a few new features like the ones I mentioned above.

Facebook Watch is still growing and is still in its infancy, but with major contracts signed with the likes of the MLB (Baseball – America’s favourite pastime now has dedicated games that are exclusively on Facebook for fans to watch across the world) and more original shows being launched.

The common thread here though is Video. This is all aimed at video content and with the new app rolling out called Facebook Creator we’ll only see more of this sort of content.

But wait…there’s more.

They want more video content across the advertising ecosystem too. I even spoke to a Facebook employee that advised it is their number one recommended strategy for Advertisers.

Coincidence? I don’t think so.

So what does all this mean for you and I? Small business owners looking to maximise our ad budget (or like many of you out there actively trying to avoid spending money on your advertising).

Well if you want to build an engaged audience, a tribe, if you like, then Facebook remains a top choice, especially for local businesses and for physical product and B2C companies.

So you need to get into video…fast.

As I mentioned above, Facebook has made it easy for us. They created Facebook Live and the Creator App, Facebook Watch is growing…and best bit is about to be revealed. You’re probably wondering how does this apply to my business?

Well…TV Advertising just became VERY affordable. And nobody has even realised it yet. Facebook really want video to work and to ensure that it does they have done two very important things. The advertising objective called Video Views cannot be ignored.

Facebook have made it cheap…VERY CHEAP. 0.03p per unique video view, cheap!!!

The best bit for advertisers is there’s a whole back end process designed to help us retarget the people that have watched our videos. And this is the secret to getting your business in front of more people, affordably, and at scale, even if nobody knows who you are yet or what you do.

You could try and keep forcing the organic model to work for you. But it is increasingly hard to rely solely on that avenue. You could keep pushing your way into groups and trying to convince people to hear your pitch and come join you on your mission but the success rate here is low. Worst of all this is bad for your positioning, I mean absolutely terrible for building a brand. And let’s face it, if you’re running a business do you have time to be playing in Facebook Groups all day…probably not!

Now you could give up entirely and go to a new social network and try and gain exposure there or you can play ball with the biggest ad platform the world has ever known. All you need are some rudimentary tools (a smartphone for video) and a small budget and you can get going in no time at all. This doesn’t have to be break-the-bank expensive.

Here’s how you need to do this.

It’s all about finding the right audience and giving them the absolute best content you can produce. I mean tell them exactly how to solve their problem.That’s it. If you do that and you do it well (you don’t need fancy camera gear or anything like that) you’ll build a brand based around YOU i.e. you’ll become an influencer…

So the whole strategy is to provide as much value as you can, whilst keeping a core message running throughout your videos. You then keep providing content, in the form of videos. Yes, you pay a small amount to boost these videos to reach people but you target correctly and they will love you for the content.

I’m getting video views for as low as 0.03p per 10 second view, if you were spending £1,000 per month on ads you would reach 33,333 people. BUT…I don’t care about reach – I’m going to show you what I care about and it’s the metric you should care about too.

But first.

Using this method, you can do away with building elaborate marketing and sales funnels with opt-in forms, cos guess what, you don’t need that. Don’t get me wrong they do work, they are great, they have a place, but this is not it. Not yet. We’re keeping everything within the Facebook ecosystem (for now!). This is the influencer branding model, this is AIM. This model is what works in 2019 and it works like a dream on Facebook. Why?

Because this is what Facebook wants from their platform…Great content.

Now. I mentioned that you want to sell a service, and as you are solving a problem you are going to be building a highly engaged, warm audience. Guess what that means? That’s right. It means that they want what you have! Not all of them. But some, and certainly enough to make a massive difference to your bottom line, and fast!

Facebook wants you to create videos and they want your audience to love them. They want people to stay on the platform. They don’t want every advertiser dragging people away from the App. Makes sense?

If you target the correct audience based on interests. Then after running some video content with paid ads you will build up a custom audience of video views. This will lead you to the next stage in the modern day “funnel”. They know, like and trust you. You’ve not only provided content, but you have also gained Facebook followers and you now have an asset in the form of a custom audience. Here you can actually target people that have watched 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 50%, 75% or 95% of your video content.

If 5,000 people have seen your video and 2,000 have watched 25% or more of it, you can then target them with a new video solving more problems and inviting them to a Consultation session or webinar or whatever your next touch point looks like in your sales cycle.

Here’s the important bit. When you retarget warm audiences, the cost per impression is WAY lower than going out to cold audiences. It’s lower still if you continue using the video views objective. What do you think will happen if your content is good, well targeted and actually helps solve a problem.

Do you think, maybe, you’ll see an increase in enquiries and initial consultations and reignite some old clients? I’m going to go ahead and bet that you might get more than just a few. You’ll probably be a little busy for a few days.

Here’s the thing, when you do this you not only create an engaged audience. But you pre-frame your service throughout. They know what you do because of your core message.

They probably know what you charge because you would elude to that during the content on the retargeting video where you invite them to talk with you. You have people qualifying themselves. It means that anyone that now books an appointment is not only a red-hot lead but they know how much the investment is in advance of any conversation they have with you.

You already have a bond because you’ve built that influencer status, so to a large extent they are pre-sold before you talk to them, how cool is that? Oh, and the best bit is…this doesn’t have to take 18 months of constant posting and hash Tagging, in order to get serious results pretty quickly. This takes a couple of weeks of focused, high value, long-form content creation. One or two videos a week.

At no point have you broken the bond with your audience by suddenly asking for opt-ins here and opt-ins there. You have simply provided help, at scale and built a real following in the process. This is one of the best ways to build a brand at scale and grow good will in your marketplace. On top of that you’re putting out content regularly and getting more engagement across your social channels, not to mention all the while you are increasing the visibility to your website, impacting your SEO and link profile.