There is more to SEO than simply writing a blog. Just creating a blog post isn’t as easy as it once was and is unlikely to yield real results.

The expectation for higher quality content is more important than ever before. The competition for attention has increased year on year. The sheer level of noise that you will have to compete with makes it harder than it’s ever been.

So what should you do and is SEO still “worth it”? In short, yes…when done right, SEO is fantastic. It can turn a business around.

Organic search knows no limits, if (IF being the important word) you can actually get to number one on Google. If you manage that, you can have a long term flood of traffic that converts and sets your business on fire (in a good way).

However, if you don’t get it right, you waste time and energy and see no results. And what tends to happen is people either give up or try “black hat” SEO, leading to a telling off from Google.

The best way if you have a smaller budget is to take your time looking for the right sort of keywords and really pouring time into the research side of it – tricky if you’re running a business or department and not able to dedicate the man hours that are really needed.

Even then when that is done, you need to effectively promote that content across multiple channels to actually get eyeballs on it…not impossible by any stretch but this is the part that most people totally overlook and wonder why “SEO doesn’t work anymore”.

You HAVE to have a long term approach with SEO. You HAVE to be willing to invest time and money into SEO and you HAVE to understand the fundamentals to get it right.

There is an art and science to SEO
The science part makes it sound easy. Simply do X, Y and Z and you’ve SEO’d your site or page. But the truth is that it takes a lot more than adding some titles, descriptions and alt tags to a page to dramatically increase your traffic.

So what can you do.

Doing the basics (as above) is great but you need to use other approaches to actually get your content seen across other channels. Use social media, email and other tools like Google My Business to make your content available to more people.

Add multimedia content to your articles to make it more engaging for the people that do get to the site or pages so that they actually stick around and enjoy the content (and share it).

Most of all, create a focused content marketing strategy. Do more than just stick up a 200 word blog once a month. Create a well thought out content strategy and attack all channels, consistently and with purpose…you will win.

The takeaway from this?
It’s no longer enough to “do SEO”. You have to do marketing. You have to expertly craft content, at scale, that is well researched and well put together. And not give up after 3 months and 5 articles when you’ve not doubled sales.

My point is this. SEO is part of a wider plan. Use it to help your website get ot the top of Google and give you assets to share across platforms to help funnel people through from discovery to buying.

Have you tried to run an SEO campaign for your company? How did it go? Let me know with a comment or a DM.