Want to increase your organic search visibility across your site? Of course you do…who doesn’t want more traffic. Here are the most important SEO elements for successful SEO according to Search Engine Land with my thoughts underneath

Publish High-Quality Content

User intent (read my latest article on Google Search Console for more on how to do this)

Keyword research: Use keywords to build an overall content strategy and create strategic

Voice search – with AI assistants like Alexa, Cortana and Siri growing in popularity and becoming more and more intelligent this really is the next step in search and thinking about this now will get you well ahead of the curve.

Rich snippets – using schema to markup your text and data for better visibility in search results gives the end users more context on the content and lowers your bounce rate.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Google has a mobile first index policy, responsive design is not an option – it’s a must!

With more and more people searching from mobile devices and clicking ads from their smartphones you can’t afford to skip this one whether you’re focused on PPC or SEO. Go mobile.

Create a Secure Website (HTTPS)

There’s really no reason to avoid this one. Even if you’re not selling products, having that green padlock is synonymous with security and it is a ranking factor so get an SSL certificate on your site.

Improve Your User Experience

Being responsive is one thing, being easy to navigate is another and having a complex architecture is a headache and will affect your SEO. People are more likely to bounce if they can’t figure your site out. That’s not good.

Optimise Your Page Speed

Keep things lightweight and simple. Compress images, use AMP technology on posts and key pages. Give users the best experience and remove the need for them to go elsewhere.

Master Your On-Page Optimisation

Meta data, schema mark-up and internal linking can have dramatic impacts on your organic traffic. It’s a simple way to boost traffic simply by understanding the basics and properly formatting your site.

Earn Relevant & Authoritative Backlinks

This is something that’s not going away. Yes, it’s possible to rank without backlinks but for the vast majority that approach simply won’t work. It’s a process that isn’t easy and is time consuming so it’s easy to put it of but the pros far outweigh the cons.

Learn More About These Key SEO Elements

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