Getting people to know about your business is no easy task. In fact it never has been. With the ever growing number of available marketing channels it’s harder now than any other time in history. All is not lost, however.

Choosing the right channel from the start
With the overwhelming choice of options, deciding where to start is a common problem for many small businesses.

As a digital marketing consultant I see the same problem time and time again.

Analysis paralysis.

Information overload is a such an issue it prevents people from starting. Or worse they try a bit of everything‚Ķthat’s right, EVERYTHING!

Keeping on top of one channel is hard, jumping from one to another as a small business owner is almost impossible. Unless you have a plan of action.

Even then, things remain tricky.

Create a plan and stick to it
You see, being a jack of all trades seems like a good idea; it keeps everything in house, you understand what you should be doing, but more often than not, you will burn out.

Deciding on where to focus your energy is key to success and sticking to it is vital.

Social Media offers a direct route to your clients
Social media is, without doubt, an integral part of any campaign but takes time and energy not to mention money. As do most channels.

Depending on your product or service, however, a lot of this can be done by you. With the growing number of free tools available, you can create great, engaging graphics.

Video quality on the latest smart phones is ridiculously good, allowing you to become your very own Spielberg.

You should absolutely be creating content, “going live” with the video streaming platforms and snapping pics for Instagram and Facebook at every opportunity.

There’s still a learning curve here and it’s not easy to build a following but you can create content at a low cost and build a following.

Social Media is certainly not easy and often the ROI is a real slow burn. It takes time to get it right and doesn’t always pay off, even in the long run.

If possible engaging a professional is a good investment but on it’s own may not be the right choice.

SEO brings your customers to your door
SEO on the other hand is about playing Google’s game and trying to win. You get it right? The return on investment is huge.

The downside however, is that SEO aka search engine optimisation is something that can not be done on the side, cannot be cheated and if done incorrectly, has been known to put people out of business overnight, by way of a Google penalty.

Social Media and SEO go hand in hand
Hiring a good SEO or digital marketing consultant is worth its wait in gold, emphasis on good.

Combing that with a solid, social media strategy can be a great plan of action, if considered a long term investment.

A good SEO consultant should be able to advise on the right social platforms, should absolutely be building a catalogue of long form content (perfect for your social media platforms) and should be able to correctly optimise your pages to help the SEO.

It really isn’t one versus the other it’s about creating a solid plan and working together.

Using the platforms effectively and looking at where you need a “specialist” and where you can be hustling and creating your own content is the key to getting things done.

Avoid trying to do everything. Consider your needs, if you need direct traffic to your site, converting visitors into buyers SEO is your focus. If you want to tap into an existing audience and create a following social media is the one. If a bit of both, look for someone that takes a holistic approach to digital marketing and knows how to build a good campaign.