The Top eCommerce Trends That Will Increase Your Online Sales in 2018


As the year comes to a close I can’t help but look at the marketing and eCommerce trends in the eCommerce industry and wonder how they are going to develop as we look ahead to 2018.

You are responsible for your brand and for your ecommerce business’s growth and one of the most important habits you must do in order to succeed is maintain a solid knowledge on the industry and eCommerce trends.

Be on trend, and you’ll be ahead of the competition. Pick it up too late and you’ll miss vital revenue and it could really stand between your business going global and your business going nowhere at all.

eCommerce trends to watch

Studying marketing trends before they even happen may sound obscure, but with some time invested in reading from the industry leaders, you’ll soon be able to pick up on recurring ideas that you can start to put into practice. Sometimes you will get it bang on and other times you may miss the mark, but you have to keep up the practise.

2017 already saw a massive increase in the use of emojis. They were implemented across email marketing campaigns, Facebook introduced reactions to behave as the platform’s own emoji keyboard, apps used them in push notifications and brands even began using them just as products. Heck, there was even a film about them.

For that reason, I am confident that 2018 will be less the year of the dog, and more the year of the emoji.

There is a reason emojis are successful and it comes down to a basic human psychology. Emojis are used between friends and so why do we not extend that same friendliness to our customers?

Socials have always been image focused, but now the image brings one side of a personality and an emoji can completely affirm that reaction with or without any text alongside it. Some people can have entire conversations with emojis. I cannot praise the emoji enough for what it’s doing.

Less words = less work, really.

Look at it like this:

  • I just ate all the pizza
  • I need this top

Live video for Facebook, Instagram and Periscope

Periscope is feeling like a distance memory now and I must admit I wasn’t sure where it could go when it first came to market in 2015. But when Facebook introduced it’s own version and what with the stories function on Snapchat first, then Instagram and Facebook – it’s quite clear that video that feels rough around the edges and with a native and organic source is what is going to do well in 2018.

Videos have been taking over our social media for months now, whilst I think some elements such as recipe videos may begin to see a decline, other videos are only just getting started.

I haven’t even mentioned the development of both the Smartphone’s cameras and the apps that are now there to support them. For women’s clothing and accessories there have been the introduction of animated filters that add real time sparkles for extra glitz and glamour (See app called Glitter Light).

There’s plenty to keep your eyes out for whilst we go into 2018 with social and eCommerce trends, make sure you look for video apps, filters and editors as I feel like some great things are coming.

VR – Virtual reality

Sony PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift have been slowly building up to taking over the gaming industry. The Oculus has been a slow burning, a bit like Periscope, began gaining traction in 2015 just before it’s general release in March 2016.

In fact, it goes back further than it. It was actually started from a Kickstarter campaign in 2012. Slow burner is understatement. With that in mind, like all great things worth waiting for, we know it’s going to start snowballing soon.

The general cost people are willing to spend on gaming is going up every year. I remember buying a PS2 for under £100 brand new. Now the latest gaming equipment could easily warrant a small payday loan. No wonder the youth of today are putting themselves into debt.

On a serious note, if you consider how shopping has changed from in store to online, it’s not a crazy thought to imagine a world where we’re shopping virtually online, rather than just browsing square images on a webpage, is it?

Whilst I’m thinking about a very futurtistic world let me also say…

Voice control & augmented reality

The Amazon Echo has been ground breaking. People who weren’t sure about voice command now have five Echos in their home. Amazon have been truly exceptional in reading the market.

Nothing was quite taking off and yet they introduce something that’s very similar to Google Home and Siri and Cortana and yet here Amazon are as industry leaders. Is it better technology?

Arguably. Is it more readily available?

I got mine in a free promotion. Was it just marketed well? It could be anything, but what I can tell you, is that it works and I think more shops and more apps will be looking to partner up with particular technologies and benefit from this vocal revelation.

With the new Echo Show also making its way to our kitchens and bedside tables, vocally shopping and getting visual aid will make this a deadly match.


What eCommerce trends are you predicting? What are you implementing in your marketing plan? Let me know in the comments or connect on Facebook to join the discussion.

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